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Registration Is CLOSED

UPDATE: Registration is closed for Spring 2024 season! 


Fees are $100 for those who register for the Spring 2024 season. Returning players who played Fall 2023 fee's are $50.

Please read our Field Rules and Codes of Conduct before registering.

You will need to upload a picture of your child and their birth certificate.

REQUESTS: If your player would like to be on a team with a friend,  BE SURE TO SELECT THIS OPTION WHEN REGISTERING. We can't guarantee every request will be honored but we will try. We can't honor requests received after registration closes.

If you are interested in coaching a team or volunteering, please check our GET INVOLVED page or contact Malory Espitia at

We will need: 

  • Your child’s birth certificate to verify age

  • A passport type photo uploaded to your child's account.

  • The youngest age bracket is kids born in 2019. The oldest bracket is for players born in 2007.

  • Current fees are $100 for Spring 2024 season, and $50 for returning players who played Fall 2023 season.

Walk-In Registration

If you prefer registering in person we will have walk-in registration events on:

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2024  
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM              
Location: Beacon Baptist Church
              2001 East Villa Maria
Bryan, Tx     

Please bring your player's birth certificate. We will also need a passport type photo to upload to the player account. We can take the picture at registration.


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